About Make it to heaven today


Welcome to make it to heaven today and thank you for visiting us. We are proudly to present this page as a tool you can use to make it to heaven. God wants salvation for all, so do we. People needs to know about God and how to spend eternal life with him in heaven. This is a dream becoming true. This site is for you and if you are here it’s not coincidence. God uses people we know, books, radio, tv, and any mean to spread the word. We want to contribute to spread the word, to build God’s kingdom so everybody can make it to heaven.

Start today your way to heaven, there is no someone so bad that couldn’t get God’s forgiveness. We are not lying, it’s a real true: You, yes, you, regardless how sinful you are, can make it to heaven. While you have life you have the opportunity to do it, so don’t wait, get to know about God, his word and how to be with him for eternity.


We don’t want glory, Glory is for God.

We are not perfects, God is.


What is Make it to heaven today?

Make it to heaven today is an online resource where you can …

  • Find help to get your salvation.
  • Get information to make it to heaven today.
  • Know the requisites to have eternal life.
  • Learn about God, about his thinking, his commands, his promises, etc.
  • Request prayers.
  • Read articles that makes you reflect about life.
  • Search for bible scriptures.

Why should I read it?

This website is dedicated to persons who want to know more about God, those who are looking for a better life, and those who seek forgiveness and salvation,  to people who want to make it to heaven.

What is this about?

It covers the topics of God, the Bible, reflections, scriptures comments, prayers, applications, questions and answers, and articles to have a better life and salvation at your finger prints.

Why do we do this?

Salvation is offered and given by God by grace to those who decide to obey him. This is a treasure we have found. But, it’s different than ordinary treasures. It never ends, even when you share it. We want to share all we have and know about salvation and God. We want salvation for all, so one day, we all can be in heaven.

What else?

Are you ready to spend eternity on heaven?, Will you make it to heaven? Find out.