12-17-2012 I write this because the world is bad. There is too much evil in the world. And it seems I don’t care enough, or maybe I take it as something that gets more and more quotidian and eventually gets “the usual”. More serious things happen increasingly, and it’s less […]


05/29/2012 Is everything already written and determined? No. The present, that picture of events that just in that moment are converted in facts to be part of the past, is one of too many probable possibilities, that involves thousands of variables (or parameters). However, it doesn’t mean it can be […]

Lycas and freedom

10/08/2007 Lycas I propose this concept, Lycas: this is the set of rules, statutes, rights, liabilities, laws, beliefs, that in combination, determine the behavior of an individual and the subsequent interactions between the members of a conformed society in which all an each one of the members agree to comply […]

The waves of life

09/24/2013 The other day I took my daughters to the beach, to a place where the sea was rough that day. The water was not warm, it was cold. We didn’t have an umbrella or something to cover from the sun and in general the conditions were not the best, […]


08/22/2013 Everything we do, is carried out by a process, described as follows: Premises: The process to carry out an action, is sequential, step by step. Motivation: The motivation, is what initially is manifested, as a purpose or goal to carry out an act. There are 4 types of motivation, […]

The human 2

 11-08-2011 The human perfects everything, the human is observer, the human is smart, the human always improves what the human observes, everything the human touches, if it’s guided, if it’s for good. With that in mind, as a truth, and with common sense we should say: What am I good […]

The human

 11-02-2011 Everybody wants to pursue something, it’s in their nature, they don’t feel good if they don’t pursue something. They want something that make them avoid thinking, or something that demands so much attention to forget they live. They are reactive, they don’t want to look beyond, they want to […]