Lycas and freedom



I propose this concept, Lycas: this is the set of rules, statutes, rights, liabilities, laws, beliefs, that in combination, determine the behavior of an individual and the subsequent interactions between the members of a conformed society in which all an each one of the members agree to comply with [1]. There are too many lycas that could help the human to have a better life.

You couldn’t judge someone with the lycas he or she doesn’t agree with. Man acquires intellectual maturity and judgment at certain age. When that moment comes, then that man could be asked about which lycas he agrees with and is willing to live under, I mean, the set of existent rules that define a code and are taken as a whole. When they follow a code, they commit to obey the rules, to fulfill the liabilities contented there and to enjoy its rights and benefits.

Then, any member of that society could refuse to follow the code under he/she lives, as long as he/she makes it public, that way revoking the fulfillment of all obligation towards those rules, opinions, and liabilities, and abstaining at the same time of all the benefits and rights that had when they followed the code.

There can be several lycas, by regions or countries. Each individual must know expressly and completely the code before deciding living under its laws. Also, any negative expression against a code should be clearly expressed.


I believe in man, in human, human is free, in its thinking, in spirit and in actions, in the three planes: physical, mental and spiritual.

The human nature is changing, it can be fixed or not, but the fact that one day a man thinks something, doesn’t mean that next day he will continue thingking the same. And due to that nature, we must consider that decisions can be changing [2].

I think men is free, and he should be live without ties, of any kind. He’s free, because he can change his way of thinking and acting according to his opinion. There is no impossibles, all he can do is permissible [3]. He’s free because he can take a decision today and take another one, very different tomorrow. There is no guarantee that there will be no change.

Man can choose whatever he wants, including the promises he can fulfill. If a man commits, and promises and makes an oath to do something to a person, only the person who he did the promise to could free him of that promise, that’s why you should be careful with what you promise. Human has to have the madurity and knowledte to accept its own nature, ignorance is not justified. There is no space for it [4].

Man must honor and respect his word, speak with truth, without lies. In order to avoid it, he can be silent rather than lie. He must honor his word always, because there is no division beyond his own self and first of all, he must show respect for himself. Those who don’t respect themselves are not human, they don’t deserve to be called that way. The universe is in the humans and humans are in the universe, if they take care of the the humans, they take care of the universe and it won’t be corrupt.

Man must not live tied to any commandment, everyone is free to take the more convenient decisions. When a decision is taken, or an agreement with a person, a joint decision that replaces the last one, it will take effect. Under any other circumstance someone can be released from a joint decision.


  1. Added on 09/13/13 to have a better conceptual definition.

  2. Actually I think that: What is most constant in human is its tendency to changing.

  3. In the sense that there is no someone who can force others to do something.

  4. In the context of its changing nature.

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