12-17-2012 I write this because the world is bad. There is too much evil in the world. And it seems I don’t care enough, or maybe I take it as something that gets more and more quotidian and eventually gets “the usual”. More serious things happen increasingly, and it’s less […]

The waves of life

09/24/2013 The other day I took my daughters to the beach, to a place where the sea was rough that day. The water was not warm, it was cold. We didn’t have an umbrella or something to cover from the sun and in general the conditions were not the best, […]

A prayer for Gina

Hi, prayer has power and mighty! That’s why I need all of us to be together in prayer for the health of a young mother, who need a very expensive surgery as well in order to save her life. Only you Lord!!   From: Lizbeth González Thank you for reading […]



Hunger and poverty

Objective Eradicate hunger and poverty in the world. Which are the causes? Lack of money(local) Shortage of resources (local) Lack of employment (local) Analysis If the reason of poverty and hunger is lack of resources or the means to get them in some specific places, then people could think about […]

Reflection of Love

04-07-2012 One of the best things we can ask God is wisdom [1]. Part of the wisdom is knowing when to be satisfied, when to stop looking for things we don’t have, when to stop complaining about things we don’t have and rather enjoy and be thankful about the things […]


08-25-2013 Where is our focus?, and where should it be? The earthly will be consumed, never reminded, one day everything will perish here on earth [1]. We should focus in the eternal salvation, in the place where we will spent eternity [2]. I am not saying we shouldn’t take care […]

There was a man called Jesus

There was a man Who didn’t ask questions He just obeyed without hesitation With his father’s commands He gaves us salvation Save souls was his mission He didn’t take rests and we have the opportunity to act the same way But this requires action it’s more than just pray Come […]