The waves of life

09/24/2013 The other day I took my daughters to the beach, to a place where the sea was rough that day. The water was not warm, it was cold. We didn’t have an umbrella or something to cover from the sun and in general the conditions were not the best, […]


08/22/2013 Everything we do, is carried out by a process, described as follows: Premises: The process to carry out an action, is sequential, step by step. Motivation: The motivation, is what initially is manifested, as a purpose or goal to carry out an act. There are 4 types of motivation, […]

A prayer for Gina

Hi, prayer has power and mighty! That’s why I need all of us to be together in prayer for the health of a young mother, who need a very expensive surgery as well in order to save her life. Only you Lord!!   From: Lizbeth González Thank you for reading […]


Reflection of Love

04-07-2012 One of the best things we can ask God is wisdom [1]. Part of the wisdom is knowing when to be satisfied, when to stop looking for things we don’t have, when to stop complaining about things we don’t have and rather enjoy and be thankful about the things […]