Why avoid sin?

09-10-2012 I have been confused and wondering: “Why should I avoid sinning?, What’s my motivation? If I already have forgiveness for all my sins [1, 2, 3]. I repented when I was baptized [4], and also I have the pardon for all my future sins, taking as a premise that […]

The waves of life

09/24/2013 The other day I took my daughters to the beach, to a place where the sea was rough that day. The water was not warm, it was cold. We didn’t have an umbrella or something to cover from the sun and in general the conditions were not the best, […]


08-25-2013 Where is our focus?, and where should it be? The earthly will be consumed, never reminded, one day everything will perish here on earth [1]. We should focus in the eternal salvation, in the place where we will spent eternity [2]. I am not saying we shouldn’t take care […]