The waves of life


The other day I took my daughters to the beach, to a place where the sea was rough that day. The water was not warm, it was cold. We didn’t have an umbrella or something to cover from the sun and in general the conditions were not the best, but they were having fun building sand castles.

I decided to get to the sea with them, where the waves broke. They were afraid, and they were not comfortable with the cold water. The deeper we got, the more the waves broke, and the sea covered us more too. We reached a point where the water covered my chest.

I took Sharon first, and she didn’t like it. She was afraid, she just wanted to hug me and she shouted all the time. I asked to be relaxed, and I tried to encourage her by playing with her and saying: “Tell me when the wave comes so we can jump, ok?”. And every time a wave came, she did.

Then I took Fand, she didn’t like it either. I tried to encourage her the same way, but she was even more afraid than Sharon. At some moments she swallowed water, at some moments she had fun, but she was too nervous.

Finally I gook Gabrielle and she didn’t like it either, she just wanted to hug me desperately and she said she didn’t want to be there. I tried to encourage the same way, but it was more difficult with her, since she’s younger. After that, I took Gabrielle and dried her, and she was so tired, that she fell asleep in my arms and wrapped in a towel.

This happened some days after I went through a situation filled of questions and doubts regarding a challenging experience present again. A situation that shocked me a little, or maybe more than just a little, and it distracted me a lot. It was nothing serious, it all depends on the approach given to things.

The day after the situation happened, and still being worried and with doubts, I reflect about it and this was the conclusion: Ok, well, God teaches me, by using the experiences I have with my daughters, that life is just as that day at the beach. I mean, God is my father, our father, all of us are his children. He encourages us, we wants to play with us and to have fun together, he wants us to enjoy things, to overcome our fears.

I say this because of what my daughters told me after I got them out the sea. They told me: “Daddy, I was afraid and I thought I would drown, I didn’t like it”. I told them: “My dears, I would never allow you to go through a situation like that, you won’t never drown, I will always be there to take care of you, nothing wrong is going to happen, it doesn’t matter how worried you are, I won’t never allow something wrong happen to you, I will always be on your side, taking care of you.”

I am a human father, imperfect, but God is our celestial father, he is perfect. He thought me: “Christian, I will never let you be in a situation in which I wouldn’t take your hand and hold you on my arms. You won’t never drown, because I will be always with you to take care of you and I would never allow you to drown, ever. It doesn’t matter if waves come, and you swallow water, I know maybe you don’t like it, but I am there, with you.”

One day, I know that the waves of life won’t be another thing than an overcome obstacle, forgotten and just as part of my past, just a step that takes me closer to a destiny of hope and well-being planned for me by God, and it’s the same for everybody who believes. Because I know I am not in danger of drowning, God gives me his hand and protects me in his arms. I know one day I’ll swim, dominating the sea, with the help, permission and grace of God, who always has something to teach me.


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